Monday, November 17, 2014

How To: Engagement Basket on a Budget

One of my best friends recently got engaged to her boyfriend of three and a half years. Their story is just adorable and I can't wait to see their love blossom into something even more beautiful than it already is as they journey into new territory together! *cue the ooohs and awes*

Once we heard the news, I went into "bestie mode" and started gathering all the essentials for an engagement gift for her. I actually started collecting little gifts like tissue and a lint roller about 6 months ago (we all knew it was happening soon enough). I wanted to keep it practical, but also include some fun things. 

 The basket includes:

A cute basket...

The Knot wedding planner/organizer
The Knot bridal magazine
Make A Decision note pad (because it's hilarious)

Advil (for the hangovers to come)
Tissue (for the tears)
Lint Roller (because it was 50 cents...)
Champagne (her favorite kind)
Bride/Groom etched champagne flutes (I made these myself)
Nail polish in the color scheme she has chosen (for fun)
Post it Notes (because...sock)

This was too funny to not get for her! She has so many great ideas that this tablet seemed perfect for her to help with some of the decision making in regards to colors and decor. 

I made these with my nifty glass etching kit. The sparkles just scream her name. ;) 
Now, all of my friends know that I have issues when it comes to gifting. I buy a super rad gift weeks or even months before a birthday or holiday and because of it's awesomeness in nature, I can't keep it hidden. What usually ends up happening is I keep the secret for a couple of days and then I get too excited so I give them the gift way too early. With this basket, I thought there was some useful stuff in there, but if I had waited like a patient person, I would have added some more frilly items. 

I should have added:
Lip gloss/chapstick
Ring Dish (I couldn't find a suitable one for her taste in time)
A monogrammed to-go cup
A monogrammed notepad (I couldn't find any with the letter "J")
A pocket calendar

The good news is her long engagement will allow for plenty more gifts before the big day! 

Happy crafting!